Do you ever wonder why you do certain things in a certain way? We are creatures of habit. We do things over and over, and we create habits. Some habits are good, and some are bad. Good: eating well, creating an exercise routine, getting up early, meditation Bad: biting your nails, drinking too much, eating too much, binging shows on Netflix.

As humans, we don’t like change. When we create a habit, we get familiar with it. It’s like having a friend around. You get use to your friend’s habit and ways of being. Habits take time to build. Sometimes they creep up on us and before we know it a habit has been built.

Do you want to break a habit? The first step to changing a habit is to be aware of your habit. What is going on around you that inspires you to do this habit? How do you feel before you indulge in the habit? Our feelings are an emotional tool that helps us be clear of how we are doing. We have to be aware of the habit. Next, are you willing to change it? I mean really ready to change it. Then ask yourself, is there something you are getting out of it that makes you want to continue this habit?

As a child, I had a habit of getting sick with ear infections or sore throats. I liked getting sick. I received positive attention from my mother. She would take me to the pharmacy after the doctor visit, and I would get candy. I missed school and got to watch T.V. all day long with my mother catering to my palette.

Once you are aware of the habit and what you are getting from it, you can change it. Now you can consciously change it. You have the power to choose what you want.

I was overweight after I had my son. I didn’t like the way my body looked. I consciously chose to lose weight. I chose to stop eating fried foods and only ate one portion of food. I replaced the habit of overeating bad foods with simple exercises. I did simple exercises every day.

Many times when we change or shift our habits, it creates a void or space in our lives. My mother was a heavy smoker when I was growing up. She quit smoking, cold turkey, when she consciously chose to quit. She created a void that needed to be filled. She then created the habit of overeating.

When shifting and changing, we need to be conscious of what we went to create and replace the “bad” habit with something we choose. Many times, we are not conscious of the habits that we created when we were children. We continue to repeat actions that our families do because we are used to repeating that pattern.

There were times when I needed extra help to change my habits. There are tools we can use to help us. Affirmations can be a great tool to use. For example: I am a healthy weight. I choose to eat healthy foods that are good for my body. We can use affirmations and say them to empower our resolve. Coming from your own power strengthens the words behind it. Sometimes something will trigger or test your resolve, and affirmations can keep you committed to our healthy habit. We can put the affirmation on paper and display it where we need help with the resolve.

Another tool we can use, is our phones. We can program our phones to put reminders of what we are choosing. I have a reminder on my phone that asks me every morning what my intention for the day is going to be.

I also use Angelic help. I ask Archangel Uriel to use his transformative sun like energy to clear the stuck energy of the unhealthy habit. Get into a meditative state and request Archangel Uriel to help: Archangel Uriel, please use your transformative energy to clear the stuck energy of this unhealthy habit. Another angel I work with is Archangel Jophiel. Sometimes I can be my own worst critic. There are times that negative thoughts go around in my mind. Negative thoughts can keep us stuck. I ask Archangel Jophiel to beautify my thoughts. My request sounds like this: “Archangel Jophiel, please help me choose thoughts that support my positive change.”

We can also have a support friend who will check in with us to encourage our positive change. Let a friend know of your intention to change a habit. Have them check in with you and encourage your new habit. You will be holding yourself accountable when you tell them about your progress.
You can watch, read, or look up information that supports your healthy habit. Here is a recap of the steps to shift a habit:
1. Consciously be aware of the habit.
2. Be mindful that you really want to change it.
3. Make a plan to change it.
4. Replace it with something you want.
5. Use tools to help you to choose the healthy habits. 6. Remember when you fail choose again and keep choosing.

Angel Blessings,

Susan Lee Harvey