Entrepreneurs and Employees (Individual or Small Group)

Today’s startups and small businesses are dealing with more challenges than we have seen in decades due to economic recovery from the pandemic. So many market changes and workforce environment decisions can impact how well you can do what you love to do and build your team with energy and positivity!

Whether you are wondering how an experienced coach can assist you to further define the vision you have your business or are concerned about the values and culture you want to grow with your team, the path you take is critical!

I will use my expertise to serve you, beginning with getting to know you, your challenges, and goals. At some point, we may conduct sessions which include one or more members of your management team. You may discover the need for specific small group sessions to support transformation for better collaboration, spiritual bonding, or engagement toward goals.

I am ready to assist you in these areas, though we can also discuss other needs which can take you and your employees to amazing transformations. Soulpath Transformations will…

  • Define impact of culture, organization, and other conditions on establishing your vision.
  • Provide tools for uncovering hidden patterns impacting business sustainability and growth.
  • Consult on employee work/wellness needs assessment.
  • Coach on communicating change to others with intuition and spiritual guidance.

Presentations to Groups

SoulPath Transformations provides presentations to businesses including employee Lunch & Learns, business associations, civic leagues, churches, and other groups. With over ten years’ experience in public speaking, Susan Lee Harvey is available for ten minutes to two-hour presentations and workshops.

Some of our most popular topics include:

  • Creating Joy in the Workplace
  • Establishing Culture from a Spiritual Perspective
  • Handling Changes in Families Due to COVID and Other Crisis
  • Engaging Others in Your Transformation
  • What’s Holding you Back?

Susan brings 25 years’ experience in intuitive readings and coaching to assist her clients to make significant transitions. Combining this expertise with her teaching experience gives her a unique ability to serve her clients one-on-one or during wellness or holistic events in the community.