I am Susan Lee Harvey. I have become an intuitive life coach and Soul Path catalyst who is devoted to helping you create lasting positive changes. I believe that we are here to be happy and create the life that expresses our authentic selves.

Like my clients, I didn’t get to this career overnight. I was a public-school educator for over 25 years, working extensively to develop skills in collaboration, implementation, planning, balancing and leadership. These skills along with teaching other teachers created a path for defining me as a coach with an ability to help structure transformational outcomes.

Our passion for learning, about ourselves and others, is a progression of experiences. My undergraduate degree in Elementary Education with a triple minor in English, Social Science and Natural Science created a foundation for effectively communicating and understanding the complexity of change. Life-long professional development and life coaching courses paved the path for inspiring others to not only dream big about the kind of personal and work life they want, but the provide the guidance, tools, and nurture for a progression of change. I bring you three years of one-on-one life coaching experience for a wide range of clients who have gained life-changing behaviors, lifestyle, and careers.

I would not be the unique coach you will work with if I didn’t let you know that spiritual insights and intuition have been the catalyst for my successes in my own life and those who I coach. These gifts make it possible for me to incorporate clairvoyant, clairsentient, and claircognizant skills to help you create the life you want. I founded SoulPath Transformations to empower people giving them spiritual, mental, and physical tools to use in their own lives to integrate wellness practices to enrich the fabric of your own destiny.

I would love to get to know you and see how my services might help learn how to transform your life!